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How to engage with stakeholders on complex issues?

Complexity Engagement: stakeholders, collaboration and challenging problems.

How do organizations best work with stakeholders on complex issues? The challenge set out in this question is tackled during our webinar held on March the 9th 2016 hosted by Global Alliance at University of Lugano, Switzerland.

The programme:

  •   Welcome!
    By Ralph Tench and Paul Willis from Leeds Beckett University, UK

  •   Keynote speaker:
    What is DE and how can it be used when engaging SMEs?
    Expert on DE-engagement:

    Edward Andersson,
    Co-Founder of Involve - London, UK.
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  •   What did we find when engaging small and medium sized enterprises?
    Presentation and discussion of research results from the European SME-DE project.
    Luca Brusati, Ph.D.
    Scientific Coordinator
    Laboratory for Research in Economics and Management
    Department of Economics and Statistics
    Udine University, Italy
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    Gertrud Latif Knudsen, PhD
    Research associate
    Centre for Corporate Communication, Business and Social Sciences
    Aarhus University, Denmark
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    Clive Mitchell
    Programme Manager
    London, United Kingdom
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  •   Where to go from here?
    Vanya Atanasova (Bulgaria) and Paolo Fedele (Italy) launch the Deliberative Engagement Best Practice Guide.
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    They also present the outline of the Executive Education Programme produced by the research team, as well as the
    Final Synthesis Report of the Case Studies carried out in the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Denmark.

    Many thanks to all participants for taking part in our webinar!