Impact: New Networks and Conversations

Case studies done in the SME-DE project has led to the establishment of new local networks around Europe.

A new network has emerged for and with SMVs in the Danish region of Herning Ikast-Brande. Here the Business Development Centre of Herning Ikast-Brande used the case study event undertaken by Aarhus University to further engage SMEs in the subject of energy savings. Climate issues was beforehand not on the Business Development Centres agenda. How ever the case study event revealed a keen interest from local SMEs to work together to strengthen their work on saving energy in their production and businesses. The SMVs were invited to join and also to design the network. The result from this DE process was surprisingly good news as the SMVs decided to pay and host the events to come in the now functioning network. This way the engagement process with SMVs solved a key issue of financing such relevant but also expensive networks arrangements.

Similar to the impact in Denmark, the case study research undertaken in the United Kingdom by Leeds Beckett University (LBU) has led to new opportunities for the project team to engage with businesses, local government and NGOs on issues around deliberative engagement and climate change.
Paul Willis, from LBU explains, “New networks established as a result of our field work have led to the team being invited to a range of events involving organisations we previously have not worked with. These opportunities have provided us with a chance to talk to different audiences about the SME-DE research, as well as allowing the team to find out more about how various organisations are working with different stakeholders on complex issues”.

He adds, “This engagement activity in the UK has also highlighted an appetite for the issues our project partners have investigated in their research across Europe. Organisations increasingly realise that traditional ways of tackling difficult problems are no longer adequate and that more inclusive strategic approaches involving key stakeholders need to be explored. Our work is seen to add value to their capabilities in this area because it not only addresses this challenge from a strategic perspective, but also provides practical insights and tools which can help them implement such practices.”

We are proud to be able to say: SME-DE impact across Europe.

Impact: New Networks and Conversations 

01 Feb 2016