Expert group of intermediaries working with SME-engangement in Copenhagen

In collaboration with the Danish Board of Technology Foundation, the research team from Aarhus University has set up the event for their second case study on January 22nd. Here, a group of experts on SME-engagement representing a broad variety of intermediary organizations, will discuss how to best engage SMEs on climate related issues. The participants have been working with SME-engagement and climate/environment issues for many years and will share their previous experiences. Their solid experience qualifies them to discuss how to best engage SMEs in climate related issues by the use of Deliberative Engagement (DE) techniques. The participants will be introduced to the techniques and approach of DE by Director Lars Klüver from the renowned Danish Board of Technology Foundation with a proven track record in using DE. He will be sharing his view on some of their results from using DE among citizens. Then the group will work collectively to solve the question on how to best engage SMEs via DE. As such the group will be able to respond to some of the preliminary findings of the overall SME-DE project. Finally the group will discuss the need for further education of intermediaries on SME-engagement using DE.

This way, the expert group will discuss central SME-DE issues while themselves being subjects of a DE process.

The participating experts are:

1. Lars Klüver, Director of the Danish Board of Technology Foundation in Copenhagen, working with citizens engagement and advising politicians on a number of environmental issues. http://www.tekno.dk/?lang=en

2. Per Møller, Environmental consultant in the Municipality of Allerød: http://www.alleroed.dk/English.aspx
Member of Green Cities and Carbon20 projects: http://www.carbon20.dk/carbon20InEnglish/

3. Henrik Lilja, Political Adviser on energy subjects at The Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, with more than 20.000 SMV member organizations. http://dfsme.dk/frontpage.aspx

4. Carsten Bøg, Head of Department of Environment and Consultants at Grakom: Danish Association for Communication, Design & Media, the trade and employers' association for the graphic industry in Denmark: http://www.grakom.dk/english/grakom-in-brief/

5. Lotte Lindgaard Andersen, Project Director at CLEAN Green Business Growth - a public-private partnership with 7 municipalities and 14 private partners, covering businesses involved with production, consultancy, entrepreneurship, finance and education: www.groenerhvervsvaekst.dk/index.php?option=com_content&view=artic...

6. Lone Pie Kelstrup, Programme Leader for Green Growth - Smart City working as part of Gate21, who is a partnership between local authorities, private companies and research institutions working together for a sustainable society and green business development: www.gate21.dk,
Lone has previously been leading the Carbon 20 project:http://www.carbon20.dk/carbon20InEnglish/ and the Green Cities network http://www.greencities.dk/UK/

7. Christian Jarby, Senior adviser on climate and Energy at the Danish Ecological Council. A NGO working on a number of environmental issues being both an academic organisation dealing with environmental policy on a scientific basis, but at the same time trying to inform and have a dialogue with both politicians and the general public: http://www.ecocouncil.dk/en/front-page

We thank the participants for sharing experiences and look forward to presenting their contributions to the overall research project of SME-DE.

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15 Jan 2016